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- Pricing -

Bridal Hair & Makeup {including trial with veil placement} 

Bridal Hair & Makeup with Airbrush {including trial with veil placement}
Bridal Hair or Makeup only {including trial with veil placement}

Bridal Makeup with Airbrush only {including trial with veil placement}
Bridal Party Hair & Makeup {per person}

Bridal Party Hair & Makeup with Airbrush {per person}
Bridal Party Hair or Makeup only {per person}

Bridal Party Makeup with Airbrush only {per perosn}
Special Event Hair & Makeup

Special Event Hair & Makeup with Airbrush
Special Event Hair or Makeup only

Special Event Makeup with Airbrush only
Individual lashes
Extension placement

Eyebrow Shaping
All pricing includes lashes (for makeup applications), full face of makeup, accessories or headpiece placements (provided by the client), updo, and travel cost. Any additional fees for parking should be paid by the client by the time of booking. For any add-on's you may wish to schedule during your session, please let your artist know ahead of time. 
Gratuity not included

Additional fees may apply for a call time earlier than 5am.


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